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We have cleared our team structure due to our lost of funding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. We thank all who has been members of our team in the course of the year and seven months we have had funding. We have completed phase 1 of our project and as we restructure our ranks, you will be remembered as an member of ER-Studios!

How Will Royalty/Funding Work?

  • Flexible 10-40 hours a week to commit to development (depending on what was discussed in your contract)
  • Willingness to work on a?revenue or royalty based?compensation model, you will be paid when the game launches.
  • Strong communication skills,?English speaking required
  • Comfortable with remote Teamwork and Collaboration on Skype
  • Ability to manage and prioritize assigned work to meet deadlines
  • Openness to learning new tools and techniques
  • Contracts will be drawn up to secure the employee’s profit share before work begins
  • General compensation for Full Time = 5% profit share/up to $38,500-$45,500 annually depending on position offered


3D Artist (0/6)

We need reliable 3D artist who can make objects such as vegetation, structures, player and enemy models, NPC’s, and so on. Being an RPG we will require a large workload on the art side to fill out the game World as we progress. We will also need Riggers and Animators to help bring our Worlds population to life. You can take on one or several of the 3D art side positions but must have 2+ years minimum experience and some prior work to showcase to be considered.

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Level Designers (1/4)

Must have a keen eye for nature and environments as a whole. You will need to use assets to create our maps that will be showcasing the game World keeping in mind several elements that will be placed there. This is an important position as you will control a major part of how the game looks and functions correctly in cooperation to the rest of the team. Must have 6 months+ experience with level design in Unreal Engine 4 and prior work to showcase.

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FX Artist (0/2)

Someone that can bring the Magic into the game and make it look amazing. You will be required to have a somewhat knowledgeable background when working with particles. We will have portals, magic skills, potions, level up, etc. These will all require particle effects. You will need several months to a year of experience and prior showcasing of past work.

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Music and Sound Composer (0/3)

You will bring the emotions to the game, from saddened times, to joyous moments of accomplishment. You will make the adventures that more adventurous to the players. Building both impactful moments and moments of despair. Must have 1 year of experience or more and prior works to showcase.

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Web Developer (1/2)

Directly assist with all web side management and development. This includes the main company website and all game related pages. Must have a strong know-how with HTML, CSS, and PHP when needed.? Knowledge of many of the popular forum boards would be helpful also. Must have 2+ years experience and some snippets or site examples of prior work. PS: Knowledge is WordPress?is Essential as our website is based off WordPress.

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2D Artist (2/6)

You will need a strong passion for drawing and visualizing art styles. Some of the duties vary from sketches to Illustrations and in between. Sometimes you may need to assist the 3D Artist with textures and concept designs. UI/GUI, logos, and other marketing type PR pieces made also be needed at times. Must have 2+ years of experience and willing to take on challenges to push your skills further. (Since this position has so many levels to it we ask that you describe what type of 2D Art your experienced with and if willing to take on multiple tasks.)

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Community Manager (0/1)

Must have great relationships with people online, stay focused and educational. be a mentor for all of us to look up to and not a nightmare online. We need people who can keep our communities clean as possible, while still bringing them all the latest buzz from our staff about anything pertaining to the game, company, staff, and or website updates. You must showcase strong knowledge of social media, community forum software, moderation techniques, and a good public relations. You will make topic categories, manage other Moderators, and provide support as best you can. Must be reliable and very active in the communities. Strong English grammar a MUST! Experience required is 2+.

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Video Editor (0/1)

Simply put you need to help take footage from our games, use our logos, music we provide, etc. Take all of that and put together some great trailers, lets plays, technical previews, intros, and so on. You will prepare our videos to be ready for public to view via our Youtube channels. Must have video editing software, 2+ years experience, and able to maintain 720p+ quality on all videos.

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Story Writers (0/3)

Have 2+ years in experience and be willing to dive deep into an the Tales of the Forgotten Heroes Universe!.

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