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Massive Open World to Explore

Travel through the dark caverns, uncover lost secrets of the past. The world of Eternity beckons to be explored. Travel to the luxurious Garden of Eden, save the Dark Elves from destruction, climb the mountains of the Icelands, discover what lies beyond the Garden of Eden.

Hack and Slash, Tactical Multi-Layered Combat System

Control the flow of your combat Use your weapon to slash away at enemies from a distance while combining story-driven skills with your new-found powers. Control your companions to dive at enemies with your specialized up-close melee class abilities, unique ranged abilities, and team linked abilities that could destroy countless opponents in the game. 

Catchy Battles

Play through dozens of hours of core and side quest gameplay, Tales of the Forgotten Heroes Alchemist brings intense, plot-driven traditional RPGs with unique choices that could affect the world as a whole. Return Dayton to his former self as you uncover his powers through a unique gameplay experience.

About The Game

TOFH: Alchemist is an Open World Third Person RPG set in a fantasy created setting known as the Realm of Eternity. In the Realm of Eternity, you will encounter different races, creatures, and locations to learn about and explore. Journey through the realm and uncover the secrets of the Alchemist. ‘TOFH’ is the abbreviated name for Tales Of The Forgotten Heroes, the series title. Intended to be released for PC, PS4 and XBOX One.

Latest Updates

Dev Log Sunday: HUD and UI Intergration

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Check out our user-friendly HUD and UI as we provide screenshots below
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Join the Community!

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You love to play role playing games ? We do too! To defeat your foes with wits and steel? We do too! To roam around uncharted lands? You guessed it, we do too! So join...

Realm of Eternity

Discover an world like no other!


Travel Through the Realm Of Eternity and Uncover the Secrets

The Realm of Eternity beckons to be explored — just pick a point on the horizon and venture off into the unknown. You?ll have your trusty party traveling the world and uncovering the secrets of Eternity. Discover with trophies and rewards from massive beasts and legendary treasures? throughout the realm. Hunt down or dive into combat to crush those standing in your way. You?ll also go where the light ends, descending deep into grim dwelling caves, diving into the seas of Eunoia, and discovering the secrets of the Eunoian Empire. This land is rich in mystery and adventure — traverse it any way you like.

Choices and Consequences

Let your decisions change the flow of the gameplay!

In ToFH: Alchemist, the player writes the story. Deep characters, diverse communities, and pertinent themes all lie at the disposal of the player. Through their decisions, the player can shape the narrative, alter relationships, and discover meaning. Even the smallest seeming decisions have lasting impacts that alter the story that will develop from them. This is a game that demands to be played more than once, but one that is so rife with meaning and impact, that one can satisfy their own thirst for knowledge in one playthrough.


World Of TOFH

On the day of the last Summer Solstice, the Davanshi will save humanity.

The Holy Sanctum

All of the seven realms were born from the Daivik serve as barriers to the Void and objects of his will. To protect himself and his rule, he created the Davinshi. Out of a necessity for a purpose, he inhabited the realms with humans, orcs, dwarves, elves, and a slew of other lifeforms. Out of all of these creations was to inevitably come something undesired, however. The Daivik knew this and made certain that he would never make any one thing more powerful than himself. What he did not account for, however, was the power of an idea, and how an idea could bring together a force greater than one being. Most of all, he did not foresee that one of the beings he created to protect himself would be the one to spread an idea that threatened to remove him from the top.

Legend Of The Alchemist

“Only those blessed, will understand the teachings of the Alchemist” – Jeanne D Arc 1400 A.T 250 C.E

The Alchemist knows all, and yet none know him. His great thirst for knowledge made him one of the most powerful people in all of the Realms. It is this same thirst for knowledge that allowed him to shield the Realm of Eternity from the End of Time, therefore saving the Heavenly Realm and the rule of the Daivik, and foiling the plans of the The Ravi and Davanshi Talion. Now the The Ravi and Talion?s biggest target, the Alchemist?s location is unknown, as he hides not only from those who wish to take him, but also those who need him.

End Of Time

Upon being revived, Daivik Talion brought about the End of Time. Millions of lifeforms, tons of terrain, and entire realms were destroyed in an instant. Talion, through the End of Time, planned to absorb the Heavenly Realm into the Void, by first swallowing all of the realms between them. The Realm of Eternity, which stands in between the Void and the Heavenly Realm, with help from the Alchemist, was not swallowed, however. Without a clear route to the Heavenly Realm, the Void was not able to absorb it. The Realm of Eternity now stands as the best and only bulwark of the Daivik?s reign.

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