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TOFH: Alchemist

Tales of the Forgotten Heroes: Alchemist is a story-driven, next-generation open-world role-playing game, set in a visually stunning fantasy universe, full of impactful consequences, and meaningful choices. Play as Dayton, former prince of the United Exiled Republic of Refugees, who is in search of the Alchemist who protected his realm from the End of Time: An catastrophic event that destroyed 5 out of 7 realms by the Demon Lord Duror.

Novel-Like Story

Play through dozens of hours of core and side quest gameplay, Tales of the Forgotten Heroes Alchemist brings intense, plot-driven traditional RPGs with unique choices that could affect the world as a whole. Return Dayton to his former self as you uncover his powers through a unique gameplay experience.

Massive Open World to Explore

Travel through the dark caverns, uncover lost secrets of the past. The world of Eternity beckons to be explored. Travel to the luxurious Garden of Eden, save the Dark Elves from destruction, climb the mountains of the Icelands, discover what lies beyond the Garden of Eden.

Hack and Slash, Tactical Multi-Layered Combat System

Control the combat flow based on your weapon and skills choice. Tales of the Forgotten Heroes: Alchemist combat system brings different game mechanics into a single understanding known as Regettial. Slash away at foes by combining and using your skills in multiple ways, destroying countless challenging opponents as you discover new ways to mix your abilities. Devise a hybrid of skills to make your character play the role you prefer. Manage your power during combats of exponential intensity using the Rune System and fight enemies with the help of up to 3 other friends while combining story-driven skills with your new found powers.